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What Is Short Term Rehab?

short term rehab
One of the best traits of a short term alcohol rehab is that it will give you the chance to detox and experience clean living without the long term commitment that other types of programs offer. The usual duration of a program like this is around 30 days, and will be instrumental in ultimately helping you stay sober. During the stay, you are going through individual therapy, group sessions, and focus on exercise.

What are the elements of a short term rehab?

Some people that are entering these programs have lost all sense of schedule or structure, and this is one of the most important components. Having other peers to relate through is essential in this process as well, because it allows you to see why other people got addicted, and how you can learn from them. Some facilities are completely locked down as to not provide a single distraction on getting sober, and others may allow visitors such as spouses and children.

What are some reasons to do a short term rehab?

• They can be a great starting point for struggling drinkers and addicts.
• It gives you an opportunity to be away from stress of life and work on yourself.
• Therapists are going to be the best ones to get to the root of your problem.
• You may choose to stay longer to delve deeper into your addiction.
• The cost will be significantly lower than a long term option.
• Some short term programs are covered by insurance.

To get clean and work on the issues that took someone down the road of heavy using in the first place, a short term rehab can be ideal. If you know you need to quit drinking or drugging, you may live with roommates who will tempt you every night, or live in an area of town where dealers lurk on corners. Getting into a closed door environment can benefit even the sickest of addicts, by surrounding them with experienced professionals.

Lack of finances is usually the number one cause of delayed recovery, and the fact that some of these centers are covered by insurance could ease your burden. Many folks who has begun drinking and using heavily have already blown through thousands of dollars, and can still benefit from the help that a short term stay will offer for their recovery goal.

Things that will be addressed in therapy

When you finally become enrolled in a short term drug rehab , there are many things that the therapists will address to help get you clean. Lists of your shortcomings and positive aspects will be worked on, as well as issues in the past that produced pain. When you figure out what the sources of pain were, they are usually talked about; this can be a very serious and emotional junction in your life.

When your family members come to speak with you, they will be instructed to be very assertive. What is focused on heavily is the way that your actions made them feel. When this is addressed, the user sees the consequence of their actions, and damage that has been done. In many cases, this alone gets addicts sober, because they feel so awful about what they have done and how it has harmed the ones they love.

Different types of short term options

The variety of short term offerings available range from week long stays to a full month, and will usually try their best to accommodate those in need with payment options of sorts. Some programs differ in the ways to which they offer group or one on one therapy; both are very effective in getting the addict to talk about why they used, and why they depended alcohol or substances.

Even if the patient decides on a shorter time line for their short term alcohol rehab , following up with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are a big help. While there, they will have the support of others who teach them how to “take one day at a time” and perhaps even incorporate a form of higher power or spirituality that helps to guide them.

Benefits that occur after rehab

1. Even if the user relapses, they have learned some tools to guide them.
2. The initial detox stage will clear the mind.
3. User will have been held accountable by someone for their actions.
4. They will have gained contacts they can call when they feel like using.
5. One can learn about the triggers that cause them to use.
6. It provides an opportunity to work on co dependence.
7. If far down the line, it provides shelter to those displaced.
8. Staff members have firsthand experience with addiction.