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Locating a substance abuse rehab facility in Maine demands that you first of all bear in mind that everyone has different circumstances. A good way to start out considering it is always to take into account the duration and complication of the individuals dependency. The longer and more difficult the drug use, most often means you need to decide on a more intense treatment program. You will find hospitals in Maine for just about any sort of addict, for those who have used for years as well as those who recently started suffering from addiction. The information in this article can be used to evaluate therapy programs intended for drinking as well as drug abuse interchangeably.Substance Abuse Treatment Maine

Mental support as well as mental development can be had in addition to treating dependency, by following up treatment methods with extended recuperation care courses. A professional treatment program will certainly target drug or alcohol abuse and use a ongoing therapy support area of the plan, which can help the individual handle all of life’s problems, which will help prevent relapse. Make sure you investigate the type of attention your treatment facility provides once you get out of the intensive program.

Drug And Alcohol Treatment Options in Maine

This state in the northeastern most section of New England is known for lobster, high doses of colonial history, and it’s jagged coastline governed by illustrious lighthouses. Known for being the sometime-residence of author Stephen King, the northernmost Port of Escourt, and beautiful places like Acadia National Park, this is one state that is in a category of it’s own. New Hampshire and Vermont have the fall foliage and picturesque towns that win many visitors over, but Maine truly sits at the top of the recommended heap of states with true character and deep personality. Winter in places like Bangor can dump quite a bit of snow on residents, and they have seen temperatures as low as -50 below zero! Hunting, snowmobiling, camping, and hiking are on the minds of many as they head up the road and set out to explore this state with it’s own very definitive vibe and nuances.

Maine Residential Treatment: This treatment consists of living at a Mainetreatment facility as well as going through intensive day to day treatment. This can last through thirty to ninety nights.

(IOP) Intensive Outpatient Maine: Not a live in treatment plan, it however does require a large amount of energy out of the individual, standards range between three to five days a week and around 2-4 hours each day.

Sober Living Homes Maine: Patients will get after care at these types of houses at which they will stay and be backed with their effort to have long lasting addiction healing success soon after their particular initial treatment. Maine sober living homes give a client who just isn’t ready for the intense independence following in-patient treatment with a place to live which will support these individuals on their trip to sobriety.

Drug Counseling Maine: Regular substance abuse therapy can be carried out in a group, as an individual or in a family environment. This is going to generally work best when utilized together along with other kinds of rehabilitation treatment methods, but it can help you discover the origins of your dependence and educate you on new coping abilities.

Maine Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Make the most of our substance abuse therapy phone hotline to locate a Maine treatment facility in your area!
Or, several of the best approaches to find a alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility in Maine are by simply speaking with your doctor, speak with your health insurance company, or confer with your employer about their worker assistance program for addiction therapy, finally you may also contact local mental well being clinics in Maine.

Among high school students who had consumed alcohol in Maine during 2011, approximately a third of them reported using it before the age of 13. This statistic is thankfully decreasing, but as in nearly all other US states, alcohol use continues to be the number one reason individuals have to seek treatment. Prescription painkiller use among teens has declined recently; one in seven high school students have claimed to use these substances at least once. For adults age 18 to 35, 3 out of ten adults reported binge drinking in the last 30 days during the year 2013. Younger adults appear to have the highest rate of binge drinking here, but the overall gap is changing as of late. Even though drugs like marijuana and methamphetamine are a looming problem, the seizure of prescription narcotics in auto stops has been on the rise since 2007, as many more become injured, dependent on time released substances, or acquire them illegally. Here in Maine, when overdoses are a fatality, the drug Oxycodone is the #one culprit, showing the true danger of prescription medication.

Paying for Addiction Treatment in Maine

The cost of receiving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in Maine will vary broadly depending upon the quantity of treatment required, as well as the type of facility you attend, and your insurance plan.

We think the very best option for paying for alcohol or drug rehabilitation is to allow your insurance carrier pay for it, so hopefully that’s the circumstance you find yourself in. Insurance providers have workers waiting to help you figure out if you are protected for alcohol and drug treatment treatment, seek advice from them ahead of time.

Another good choice is to look for Maine addiction courses that offer reduced repayment options, or possibly have a sliding scale repayment course.