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Seroquel and it’s purpose

seroquel addiction

The drug Seroquel is in the anti psychotic category, and is used for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and panic attacks. Since it is used on patients quite a bit and some are people who may have problems with drugs, its an important question to ask whether or not it is addictive. Those who have displayed intense aggression, bipolar behavior, and mood swings have benefited from taking Seroquel. Patients who have schizophrenia benefit from not as many hallucinations, and less nervousness in general after taking it.

Some people have reported feelings of nervousness and extreme heart rate issues when they take it. However, others stated that after waiting 3-5 days, these effects calmed down and the drug did help them with psychotic moods and episodes. Another benefit of Seroquel is that it helps many past addicts sleep; some who had to drink large quantities of alcohol before took it not to deal with psychotic episodes, but simply to sleep.

some of the side effects of Seroquel

• feeling drowsy
• stomach is upset
• sudden weight gain
• sense of lightheadedness
• problems with eyesight
• dry mouth
• headaches

An anti psychotic like Seroquel can do drastically different things for one user than another. One of the most difficult aspects of treatment and trying to help someone is getting them at a vulnerable time: if the drug has bad effects, it is sometimes a concern that the user may suffer some side effects in the beginning, and not be able to stay on it long enough for it to truly help. What the drug’s main purpose is during use it to provide balance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

Is It Possible to Develop Seroquel Addiction?

Generally speaking, there has not been any clinical proof that Seroquel is addictive. Alcohol, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine have proven to be much more so, as they trigger that pleasure center of the brain with more force. Its not easy to dismiss the topic too quickly: there are plenty of issues that abound with any chemical. With drugs in the painkiller category like Vicodin, the effect gets the user “high”, and will almost always lead them to take more increasingly, and build a tolerance.

Seroquel is used to treat a disorder that does not necessarily curb that “pleasure seeking” center of the brain. While this may not produce for you a Seroquel addiction, it could still be an issue in the addiction realm, and some users are known to snort it in conjunction with cocaine. Not to be taken lightly, anti psychotics like Seroquel can give the user a rush when they first ingest it, and so it should not be used by those who haven’t consulted a physician.

Other issues concerning use

in a prison or correctional scenario, sometimes Seroquel is abused because users know that it may cause sedating effects. Anyone who is behind bars may just want to relax, and will take anything they can get their hands on. Sometimes when Seroquel is given to certain patients, it can cause them to display drug seeking behavior and other issues like faking symptoms. Some mental health professionals have claimed that threats of bizarre behavior and even threats of suicide occur when the patient is taken off of the drug.

So does this mean that it IS in fact addictive? It seems that Seroquel can produce some behavior that is odd, raise the heart rate, and give the user episodes of nervousness, especially as they are getting used to the dose. While it may lead people to definitely ask is Seroquel addictive? , it is the factor of the strength of the drug that can have patients displaying this behavior.

Positive aspects of Seroquel

1. Better ability to sleep for schizophrenia patients
2. Two weeks is about the duration for intake adjustment
3. The increase in appetite can be positive for those severely depressed
4. Many users report report lowered levels of anger
5. Suicidal patients report extreme mood elevation

Summing it all up

An important thing to consider is that the individuals who need drugs like Seroquel are prone to behaviors that may appear strange, like tapping their feet frequently, or talking about things that seem paranoid and delusional. It IS possible to overdose on Seroquel, and it can even be fatal. If this happens, the user may notice drowsiness, a rapid heart beat, Arrhythmia, heart flutters, fainting, or even slipping into a dangerous coma.

Some professionals in the corrections industry are urging doctors to take a second look at the potential for addiction, as they have witnessed behaviors that seem extreme by some it is prescribed to. Keeping in mind that many of these are patients who were already prone to some strange behaviors, the positive aspects of the drug seem to outweigh the negative. Users who were suffering from intense delusions and anxiety have said it was definitely a great decision for them to have Seroquel added to their regimen.