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Substance Abuse Treatment

Welcome to Substance Abuse H.Q. We provide information and help for those who seek it. Substance abuse is a topic personal to my heart because I have lived it. My family had to deal with my substance abuse issues for many years before I was able to find the help I needed.

I want to try to make a difference online by helping individuals find their way when they’ve become lost in the depths of drug addiction or alcohol abuse issues. We hope we can help you find the best substance abuse treatment for you or your loved one.

There’s no “One Perfect Method” of recovery. Every person, and every addiction is different. We’re not here to try to force you into something you’re uncomfortable with, we simply want to get you thinking and talking about substance abuse treatment recovery. Later when you’re ready you can decide what type of recover plan is best for you.

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Addiction is a condition that happens when a person uses a substance (alcohol, tobacco, heroin, cocaine), or participates in actions such as (sex, shopping, pornography, gambling) that is pleasing to the individual, but the continuation of use is compulsive and gets in the way of daily live activities, like personal relationships, work, or health. The individual may be unaware that their behavior is beyond their control and creating problems for themselves and others around them. 

Addiction is not simply a physical embodiment of desire to use this product or perform these actions. The addict can become physically addicted to using, and the body will adapt to the drug and become tolerant, and the substance will not have the same affect as it had before. Also, the brain of a person addicted can overreact when responding to cues for their specific substance, this will manifest itself in unique behaviors not seen in non-addicted persons, in the irresistible urge to use or drink. Alcoholics Anonymous calls this the “craving” to drink, and it is as good a name as any other. Persons suffering from addiction are often unable to resist the craving to partake of their personal substance. The information we provide here, we hope, will help you or your loved one to find a relationship with a care center that can help you detox and lead you toward an addiction free life.

Substance Abuse Center

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